Your Destination for a Computer Build in Saugus, MA


Looking to upgrade your current machine to better handle the ever-evolving spectrum of digital demands? Want to build something from the ground up that’s completely befitting of your needs and ready to tackle the future? The Computer Store Inc. is here to help!

From our location we provide new computer sales, computer builds and computer parts in Saugus, MA. Our goal is to help you get the best functioning machine in whatever way is possible: from buying, to building, to upgrading.

Custom computer builds

If you’re looking to build the absolute perfect rig for all of your computing needs, trust one of our expert professionals to assist you in the process. Not only do we have a depth of experience when it comes to building computers from the ground up, we’re also knowledgeable in helping you pick the parts and define the specs that are perfect for your needs.

Nowhere else are you going to find this level of expertise when it comes to your custom computer build in Saugus, MA!

Computer parts

Looking to upgrade your computer or swap out its components for something better or more functional? We’re pleased to carry a vast selection of computer accessories, as well as parts and components for both desktops and laptops. Come to us for everything from a RAM upgrade to a brand new hard drive!

Building your own computer? We can help with that too! Our store has all of the critical computer parts in Saugus, MA you need to assemble the perfect machine for your daily needs.

Superior brand names

We rely on some of the most trusted name brands in the computer industry when it comes to providing our customers with superior parts. Some of the brands you’ll find at our location include AMD Processors, Intel, Crucial Memory, ASUS boards and Kinston Memory, among others. We’re also proud to be a certified Carbonite reseller!